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Easy Index Generator

Provides fast and easy creation of configurable index files (files of Contents) for any files types
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5 June 2005

Editor's review

Easy Index Generator is useful in creating configurable HTML and HHC files of contents for any files types.
These files types can be used in creating chm (HTML Help) and ebooks projects. The process is simple and effective and will help you get an overview of the websites under progress. You are also enabled to gain access to the graphics, HTML pages, media files and shared documents and so on. The tool has a visual interface where you can view what you are designing so that the output is in accordance to your vision. You can create logical sections and specify which files are to be indexed. These files can also be sorted by moving them up and down and positioning them. The indexed files can also have two types of tree menus: static and click-to-open menus. The generated files will be automatically placed in the indexing folder.
Easy Index Generator is here to make a complex process simple and comprehensive.

Publisher's description

Easy Index Generator (shareware, $20.00/$50.00) provides fast and easy creation of configurable index files (files of Contents) for any files types in HTML (both as single page and as frameset) and HHC formats, which can be used in CHM (HTMLHelp), eBooks, online Help, as DataCD menu, as Site Map of your Website providing quick access to HTML pages, graphics, media files, shared documents, applications, archives etc. You can specify which types of files will be indexed and sort project items by moving them up and down, creating logical sections etc.
Program can create two types of tree menus of indexed files in a target HTML file: static menus and click-to-open menus.
Generated files are automatically placed in the indexed folders.
Easy Index Generator
Easy Index Generator
Version 2.0
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